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Your gifts keep our animals thriving with individualized diets packed with love...and science.

From carnivores to herbivores, newborns to geriatric animals, our animal keepers and veterinarians work together with nutritionists to create customized, healthy diets for nearly 1,000 animals at Woodland Park Zoo.



“Lettuce” Talk About Inflation

We know that people across our community are feeling the strain of rising food costs. This makes any gift you can give to help feed these animals even more special and appreciated. While we are all working hard to cut expenses where we can, our animals need a quality, varied diet to thrive. Thank you for opening your hearts and giving the gift of nutrition this season!

In 2021, one carton of romaine lettuce = $26.
In 2022, one carton of romaine lettuce = $88.
This is a 239% price increase.

Who eats romaine lettuce at the zoo?

  • 4 heads per day: Flamingos, Ostriches, Rhinos
  • 6 heads per day: Brown Bears
  • 10 heads per day: Orangutans
  • 21 heads per day: Tapirs
  • 39 heads per day: Giraffes, Gorillas

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Gift Info

can feed our two Malayan tigers for a day*
feeds our gorilla troop for a day*
feeds the sloth bear family for a day
can feed the penguin colony for a day
feeds one of our baby brown bears for a day
can feed an Asian small-clawed otter for a day
can feed the pudu family for a day

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* Join the Wild at Heart donor pack with a gift of $500 or more. Learn more at

Gifts of $500 and above are not fully tax-deductible unless benefits are waived. See for more information.

Our Mission

Woodland Park Zoo saves wildlife and inspires everyone to make conservation a priority in their lives.

Land Acknowledgment

Woodland Park Zoo recognizes that these are the lands of the Tribal signatories of the Treaty of Point Elliott. We acknowledge their stewardship of this place continues to this day and that it is our responsibility to join them to restore the relationship with the living world around us.

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