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Animal Fact Sheets


There are more than 10,000 species of birds throughout the world, from the tiny Anna’s hummingbird at 4.07 g to 4.31 g (.143 oz to .152 oz.) to the African ostrich 90 to 130 kilograms (198 to 287 pounds). Birds are endothermic or warm blooded, two-legged, egg-laying vertebrates with feathers and wings – though many species of birds are unable to fly such as emus and penguins. Some birds hatch and are covered in down and able to eat on their own, such as chickens or geese. This is called precocial. Others, such as robins, are altricial, and are hatched without down, are blind, and must be fed by one or both of the parents.

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To learn more about the bird species on exhibit here at the zoo, please choose from the Animal Fact Sheets dropdown menu to the left or select a fact sheet below.

Bali mynah

Barn owl

Coscoroba swan

Crested screamer

Ferruginous hawk

Flamingo (Chilean)

Great horned owl

Harris's hawk

Hooded crane

Kestrel (American)


Penguin (Humboldt)

Peregrine falcon

Pheasant (Palawan)

Red crowned crane

Red-knobbed hornbill

Saw-whet owl

Screech owl

Snowy owl

Spectacled owl

Steller's sea eagle

Turkey vulture

Wrinkled hornbill