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Where do we sleep and how much does it cost?

Overnighters will sleep in one of various spaces depending on the program selected or location chosen at the time of registration. Please see below for location descriptions. The price difference only applies for Overnight Adventures.

Please Note: Regardless of your group's location, you will be sleeping on the floor, so we highly recommend sleeping pads for comfort!

Education Center
2018 Fee: $52 per person
The Education Center, near the South Entrance, is the building where Overnight Adventures have traditionally been held. It offers comfortable economy accommodations and allows for up to 75 people to sleep in two large rooms under the same roof.

2018 Fee: $57 per person
Our program space in Zoomazium, near the zoo's West Entrance, offers the vibrant environment of an indoor nature play space and can accommodate up to 75 people in a single sleeping space. There are limited facilities inside the building, however large groups typically utilize restrooms in nearby buildings as needed.

Can we schedule our own private adventure with fewer than 22 people?

Any group can schedule their own private adventure for the equivalent of 22 paid registrants (including both adults and children).  This means that if your group has only 16 participants but you pay the equivalent for 22 participants (the minimum number for a Large Group Adventure), you may still schedule your own private adventure with a smaller number of people.

Can we add more people?

If you are attending a overnight Small Group or Scout Adventure , you can add more people as long as there are spaces available via online registration.  You can also call the registration office at 206.548.2424 ext 4 to check space availability.

If you are part of a Large Group Adventure, you must contact the registration office at 206.548.2424 ext 4 if your numbers go over your original estimates or after final payment to ensure we have enough staff available to accomodate your group.

Please note that the deadline for requesting additional program attendees is the Monday prior to your event. Unfortunately, we are not always able to accommodate last-minute add-on requests.

What animals will we see?

You will tour most exhibit areas of the zoo as part of your adventure. There's no guarantee, however, on what we'll see while prowling on zoo grounds. As in the wild, animals may choose to remain hidden, or may be off exhibit for a number of reasons including noise level, weather and temperature. As a result, every Zoo Adventure is unique in the animals that are observed on any given day. But if your group remains calm and quiet while touring grounds, there's a greater chance you'll see lots of fantastic wild animals. And during our exciting animal encounter, you will meet one of the zoo's small resident reptiles, such as a snake, tortoise or lizard. Animals available at the animal encounter are not guaranteed.

What do we eat and can I bring in food items from outside?

A pizza dinner with beverage will be provided for all evening and overnight participants. Overnight participants will also enjoy a light breakfast of cereal, fruit, juice and coffee. 

Please feel free to bring your own snacks to enjoy before bedtime. Special diets are the responsibility of individual program attendees.  Please note: breakfast selection may change without notice as we seek new options.

What type of gear do we need to bring?

Please don’t bring more than you can carry, but binoculars and cameras are always a good idea! 

All participants should bring: 

Clothing for inclement weather (our adventure takes you outside - rain or shine!)

Camera to capture special memories (your instructors will inform you about where flash photos are permitted)

Comfortable walking shoes

In addition, all overnight participants should bring:

Sleeping bag, pillow and sleeping pad (you will be sleeping on the floor)

Toothbrush, toothpaste and other personal toiletries

Pajamas or other comfortable sleeping clothes

Flashlight (for use after lights-out to find restrooms if needed. When necessary we will provide special red-lens flashlights

What is the zoo's cancellation policy?

For all groups: a minimum of 3 weeks' notice of cancellation is required for a credit or refund or a change in program date. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds or credits for changes or cancellation received less than 3 weeks prior to the program date.

Other questions?

A Survival Packet containing all this information and more will be sent to you upon registration.  Please feel free to contact the registration office with other questions at classes@zoo.org or 206.548.2424 ext 4.

Please note that although we make every effort to ensure our participants are fully informed and know what to expect of overnight adventure schedules and activities, all program details are subject to change without notice.



I love being at the zoo at night. It’s a magical place and I would love the chance to share the nighttime zoo with you. I started at the zoo as a docent many years ago where I conquered my fear of snakes and spiders and learned so much about the natural world. I am a 4th generation Seattleite and I love learning new things I have a fat old cat who is in charge of my life and in my spare time I like to listen to books on tape while I knit.


Hi everyone! This is my 4th season at Woodland Park Zoo as a Zoo Adventures instructor! I also received my master's in zoology through Miami University's Global Field Program here at Woodland Park Zoo -it's a blast! My absolute favorite animal in the whole world is the koala- did you know they have fingerprints just like ours? I can't wait to go on some Zoo Adventures with all of you!


Hello friends! For as long as I can remember I've loved animals, and I've always wanted to share that love with everyone around me. That's why I studied zoology at WSU, taught zoo camps in San Diego, and went to China to teach last year. I do my best to discover something new about the world around me every day, and there's always something new to learn with Zoo Adventures!


Shortly after moving to Seattle in 1999, I visited Woodland Park Zoo for the first time and a few months later, I was thrilled to join the staff as part of the Zoo Adventures team! It seemed to be the perfect way to put my zoology degree and experiences from camp and animal encounters as a child to good use. After all of these years, I still feel special walking around the Zoo at night and in the early morning and I love sharing that experience with others!


Hello fellow zoo lovers! Woodland Park Zoo is one of my favorite places to be, that's probably why I've been working here for over 15 years. I have a degree in zoology and psychology from the University of Washington to help me "talk" to the animals and being nocturnal by nature definitely helps with those long overnights.