Spanning 3 million acres
( THREE TIMES Washington’s Olympic National Park )
a lot can go unseen in Malaysia’s GREATER Taman Negara region.
And tiger poachers know it…


Having rangers with their eyes on the forest every single day is the most effective way to protect critically endangered tigers.

Your gift of just $19 sponsors a ranger for one day's work...a day that could be the vital difference in a Malayan tiger's life.

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Each day that you sponsor, you help a ranger


It’s simple: we need more rangers to protect tigers and their forests from poachers and illegal loggers.


Woodland Park Zoo partners on the ground in Malaysia with Panthera, the international wild cat conservancy, and Malaysian non-profit Rimba to study and protect critically endangered tigers. A small band of conservation scientists and rangers face threats to their health and safety every day to assure a tomorrow for tigers.


Reuben Clements, PhD
Woodland Park Zoo Field Conservation Associate and Co-founder, Rimba

“When I set my first camera trap in the forest, we put it along this old logging road. Two months later we came to check it, and just two hours after we first set it a tiger walked by. This huge, beautiful male tiger—it was so majestic, it blew me away.

As we were putting out the camera traps we found live cable snares. And it really pissed me off that people were trying to kill this majestic creature for money. That really got me inspired to do more to save these creatures.

We couldn’t just stand by and let this happen. I wanted to do something more.

We’ve got a great team that I’m super proud of; 14 people who risk their lives every day on the ground. It’s a huge ask for just 14 people: we need more support. Together with you and Woodland Park Zoo we can make this happen. ”


Jasdev Sohanpal
Wildlife Protection Manager, Harimau Selamanya, Rimba

“For me, having the opportunity to work in one of the oldest rain forests in the world makes it worthwhile. The experience of being in the jungle, and going out there to experience it for yourself—that’s why conservation is important to me.”



Sri Rao Venkateswara
Manager, Harimau Selamanya (“Tigers Forever”) Project

“There’s more to be done. I feel great about my job—it definitely gives me a lot of satisfaction and that I’m working toward something meaningful. But at the same time there’s a long, long way to go to really realize what I envision in terms of the human-nature connection. It’s still a long way to go.”