Updated July 2015

Thank you to the following Wild at Heart donors who are committed to supporting Woodland Park Zoo's work connecting people to nature. Your support helps to provide exceptional care for our animals and sustain our field conservation projects that preserve species, protect habitats and build capacity in local communities where people can take action.

Online recognition is updated bi-monthly.


Anonymous (48)

Yumi Abei and Gary Roberts

George and Shelly Ainsworth

Robert Alama

Tom Alberg and Judi Beck

Virginia Aldrich and Joseph Saitta

Haylen and Keith Alger

Aaron and Emily Alhadeff

Kenneth and Marleen Alhadeff

Rene Alkoff

Linda and Tom Allen

Thomas and Lorna Allen

Christi and Andrew Allison

Chap and Eve Alvord

Elias and Karyl Alvord

Rick and Nancy Alvord

Annie Alvord and Alex Hicks

Nancy Alvord

Daniel Amdur

Sally and Bart Amey

David S. Anderson

Dr. Deborah Adams-Anderson

Eric Anderson

Randy Golob and Dayna Anderson

Ric and Kaylene Anderson

Geoffrey Anderson and Laura Gilbert

Constance Anderson and Justin Pava

Richard Andler and Carole Rush

Phoebe and Lucius* Andrew

Rob Angel

Peter and Margaret Anker

Gary and Cheryl Arford

Dr. and Mrs. Hugh and Dollie Armstrong

Matthew and Maja Arnold

Joseph and Chris Aschbacher

Robert and Clodagh Ash

Eileen and Rick Askew

Ray and Edith Aspiri

Walker Aumann and Shannon Hillinger

Richard and Patricia Austin

J. Brett Baba

Peter and Karen Baccetti

Barbara and Joseph Baer

William and Nancy Bain

Sam Baker

Anthony and Jamie Balducci

Jay and Sharon Ballantine

Paul Balle

Matthew Bandy

Carter and Lynne Bannerman

Dan and Jaycee Barrett

Deed Barrett-Chase and Michael Chase

Patty and Jimmy Barrier

Alicia Basinger

John and Nancy Bates

Michael Bauer

Donald Baugh and Patty Allen

Anthony and Lillian Bay

Nick Bay

Warren and MaryAnn Beardsley

Charles and Renee Beauvais

Anita Beck and Jim Hirshfield

Glen and Susan Beebe

Andrew Begun

Howard and Lynn Behar

Carl and Renee Behnke

Merrill Behnke and Ryan Broms

Marisa Behnke and Corey Ginsberg

Heidi and Russell Bennett

Julie and Lisa Bennett

Richard and Diane Bennion

Laura Bentley

Dr. Gina Beretta and Bryan Senn

Jeffrey* and Lisa Berkman

Linda and George* Berkman

Eric and Luann Berman

Yahn Bernier and Beth McCaw

Monica and Michael Bernstein

Marianne Bichsel

Nancy Biglow

Nathan Bingham and Michele Agosti

Colleen Birdnow Brown and Guy Brown

Sarah Bishop-Gretz and Geoff Shaw

Jennifer and Jacob Bixby

Barbara Blair

Michael and Sarah Blake

John and Ann Blasko

Andrew and Lillian Bleiman

Teresa Bliss

Giselle and David Blythe

D|B Solutions

Lee Boeckstiegel and Kelly Straight

Karen and James Boehmer

Scott Boehmer

Bruce and Mary Bohmke

Robert Levine* and Karen Bohmke

Doug and Tanya Bond

Barbara BonJour

Polly Bonnell

Holly Bork

Niranjan Bose and Lea Fields

Elisabeth Bottler

Kenneth Bounds and Linda Gorton

Stacy Bouska

Diane Bowers

Paula and Steve Boyce

Scott and Debbie Boyer

William Boyer

Paul and Debbi Brainerd

Kelley and Heidi Branch

Kristi Branch and James Moore

Randi and Jospeh Brazen

Cathy Breen

Herbert M. Bridge and Edie Hilliard

Bobbe and Jonathan Bridge

Edwin and Jean Brockenbrough

David Brodsky and Juliet Firmansjah

Gary and Donna Brooks

John Bruns and Carrie Zuther-Bruns

Lori and Steven Buchsbaum

Al and Jullie* Buckingham

Libby and Bill Buckley

William and Judy Burdin

Suzanne Burke

Denise Burpee and Richard Algire

John Bush and Charlotte Summers

Susan Buske

Adrienne and Apolonio Buyagawan

Evan and Lisa Cacka

Lori Campana

Jessica and Clinton Campbell

Barbara and Rod Campbell

Ken Camper

Sonya and Tom Campion

Lisa and Mark Caputo

Philip Carlo

Susan and Gary Carlson

Peter Caron

Trish and Collin Carpenter

Alexia Carroll

Kaye Cartwright-Lissa

William Casperson

Mary Cathey

Susan and Robert Chamberlain

Mylo and Marion Charlston

Darin and Lisa Chestnut

Lorna and Andrew Chin

Linda Chow and Martin McIntosh

Mark Christiansen

JC and Scott Chupack

Keith Clark and Reah DePriest

Kelly and James Clark

Kathie Claypool and Tom McManus

John and Patricia Clearman

Steve and Judy Clifford

Michele and Bill Coady

Norma Cole and Tom McCarthy

Andrea Copping and Alan Christie

Rebecca Costello

Cliff Crandall and Sandy Stelling

Jan and Jack Creighton

C.C. and Bill Crenshaw

R. Michael Crill and Catherine Nobis

William and Anne Cronin

Larry Crozier and Theresa Hebert

Eric and Lee Crumpton

Barbee and Jim Crutcher

Erik Cullen and Laurie Alexander

Carrie Culp and Don Anderson

Jennifer and Scott Cunningham

Mike and Cathy Cutler

Lisa Dabek

Bruce Dahlstrom and Julia Parrish

Demetrio D'Ambrosi

Tom Darden and Ellen Wallach

Merrick and Lorraine Darley

Celeste DaVault and Andy Natta

Bob and Molly Davidson

Dr. Greg and Anne Davis

Crystal Davis

Timothy and Lee Davis

MaryAnn Davis and Armin Schlieps

Trent and Darci Dawson

D. Brooke and Bertrand De Boutray

Dino and Caren De Vita

Alison DeGregorio and Kevin Donovan

Matthew and Megan Deines

Dan and Sheila Duke

Tom and Denise DeLuca

Michele DeMaris

Betsy Dennis

Donna DeShazo

Stuart N. DeSpain

Suzette and Leon DeTurenne

Patricia Devereux

Greg and Jeanette Devey

Jessica Dewell

Brian Dewey and Eileen Brown

Katherine and Jeremy DeWitt

Diane and John DeYoung

Catherine and William Dickson

Annette Dixon

John and Kimrick Dolson

Patricia Donnellan

Emily Donohue

Annemarie Dooley and Bob Richard

Chris Doucet and Ben Bouchard

Janet and Joel Dugan

Kanae Dunham

Monica and Robert Dunlop

Mark Dunn and Kurt Kirstein

Sandy Dunn

Judith Dunn Lee and John Lee

Karen Duval and Cherie Duval-White

Kenneth and Pamela Eakes

Jason Eakes and Brooke Giuffre

Ryan Eakes and Leslie Kligerman

Julie Edsforth and Jabe Blumenthal

Kathy and George Edwards

Patty Edwards

Kristin and Robert Eick

Lisa Eisner

K. Carole Ellison

Gregory and Allison Enell

Tammy and Ren Erickson

Lisa Erlanger and Jeffrey Coopersmith

Christine and Gerald Ervine

Walter Euyang and Susan Lammers

James and Ann Ewel

Michael and Stephanie Fanning

Andrew Farrier

Barbara Feasey and Bill Bryant

Andrew Feinman

Leslie Feinzaig

Judith Felch

Michael Feldman

Andrew and Sara Fenzl

Ellen Ferguson and Kumuda Kali

Sheri and Shawn Ferguson

F. Bartow Fite

Bob and Lucie Fjeldstad

Donald Fleming and Elizabeth Hanna

Linda Fogarty and Dale Thompson

Michael Ford

Keith Forslund and Laurie Breidenbach-Forslund

Jane Foster

Joanne Foster

Shalisan Foster

Sheila Fowler

Gregory and Kathleen Fowler

Dana Frank

Harmony Frazier and Michael Breen

Chris Freeman

Lois and Curtis Freeman

Allison and Roger Frey

Serena and Neal Friedman

Noreen and Phillip Frink

Gabbert Family

Fernando and Heidi Garcia

Kim and Diane Garland

David and Andria Garten

Alan and Brittney Geleynse

Janet George

Georgia Gerber and Randy Hudson

Christine and Steven Gerdes

Katharyn Gerlich

Matthew and Glenda Gertz

Scott Getchell

Scott and Vickie Gibbs

Cathy Gibson and Alex Krasnokutsky

Ian Gienger

Judy Gilbo

Lee and Shelley Gill

Catherine Gleason

Mary Goff

Olive Goh and Erik Dugger

David and Lisa Goldberg

Fredda and Steven Goldfarb

Richard and Ginger Goldman

Connie and Tom Golon

Susan Golub and Paddy Freeman

John Gossman

Irwin and Joan Goverman

Philip and Robyn Grad

Lauren and Ryan Grammer

Ryan Grantier and Katie Thomas

Marilyn Gray

Jennifer Greer

Jennifer Griffith

Martinique and Eliot Grigg

Alexandre Grigorovitch

Jeff and Christiane Grove

Andrew Grover

Patricia Gudrian-Crawford and Tobias Crawford

Leah Hair

Steve Hall and Leslie Ritter

Michael Halperin and Jodi Green

Mark Hamburg

Jason and Joey Hamlin

Wiley and Pamela Hampton

Leslie and Nicolas Hanauer

Ken and Renee Haniu

Molly and Michael Hanlon

Jeremy Hanni

Maureen and John Harley

Noelle and Mike Harman

Stan and Mary Harrelson

Ted and Tara Hart

Lucy Hart

John and Janet Harville

Patricia and Bradford Hastings

Amy Haugerud and Noel Miller

Rosemarie Havranek and Nathan Myhrvold

Tom and Roberta Hawkins

Susan and Richard Hecht

Marni and Michael Heffron

Jeffrey and Shelly Heier

Claire Heineman and Frank Martin

Jeremy and Sara Heisler

Stefanie Henderson

Jan Hendrickson and Chuck Leighton

William Henry

Robert Herring

Joshua and Renee Herst

Lisa and Tim Hess

Matt and Sarah Hill

James and June Hill

Alexis and David Hiniker-Roosa

Holly K. Hirai

Blaine and Jennifer Hirai

The Hoffmann Family

Elizabeth and Douglas Hofmann

Peter and Theresa Hogenson

Paul Hogle and Karen Malen-Hogle

Mary Hogue

Pat and Michael Holcomb

J. Marilyn Holstad

Holzli Family

Stephanie and Jim Honan

Karyn Honigsfeld

Patricia and Stephen Hopps

Donald Horn and Joachim Voss

Tova and Ken Hornung

Carol and Bruce Hosford

Anelise and Mark Hotopp

Gretchen Howard and Jerry Williams

Katherine Huber

Carmen Hudson

Gretchen Hull

Michael Humphries and Judith Ralston

Daniel and Darlene Huntington

Bill and Pam Hurst

Marie K. Huwe

Mary and Kim Ireland

Douglas and Diane Irvine

Art and Sue Jackson

Linda Jacobs

Barbara Jaech

Bryan Jaffe and Jennifer Lewis

Sharon Jakkola-Rust and Stan Rust

Liz James

Gavin and Tari Jancke

Reija Jantti

Valerie and Roger Jeglum

Deborah Jensen and Steven Malloch

Judith Jesiolowski and David Thompson

Katherine and Julian Jiggins

Daniel Jiyamapa and Michelle Jack

B. Gerald Johnson and Linda Larson

Linda and Theodore Johnson

Paul Johnson and Jeanne Yu

Miles and Cynthia Johnson

Barbara Johnson

Cassandra and Tom Johnston

Susan and Bruce Jones

Jamie and Jeremy Joseph

David Jurca and Linda Cochran

Gary Justiss and Monica Williams

Barbara and Christopher Kaler

Annemarie Kalsbeek and Alexander Verwaaijen

Sarah Kavanaugh

Glenn Kawasaki

Marcie and F. Marsh Kellegrew

Darlene Kenney

Elizabeth and William Ketcham

Kristin Kildall and Gary Thomson

Virginia King

Joan King

Richard and Betsy Kirby

Kameron and Julie Kirkevold

Kenneth and SaSa Kirkpatrick

Sheldon and Brittany Kitts

Wendy Kizzier

Douglas and Willeen Klan

Pam Klapstein and Trina Amundson

Jim and Renee Klein

Cindy and Terry Klett

Anne S. Knapp

Martha Kongsgaard and Peter Goldman

Karen Koon

Curtis Kopf and Abbe Jacobson

Sandra and James Korbein

Debbie and Michael Koss

Carolyn and John Kossik

David Krah

Jacqueline and David Kramer

Lyle and Suzanne Krapf

Heidy Krauer and Randy Coutu

Jeffrey Krauss

Stanley and Judy Krenek

Susan and Mike Kropp

Dyane and Tyler Kruse

Rahul Kumar and Vasundhara Jain

Gary Kunis

James and Jean Kunz

Steve Kutz and Courtney Womack

Frances Kwapil

Angela Kwong

Irene and Jim Labyak

Eva and Jon LaFollette

Lucinda and Joseph Langjahr

Jacob Langley

I. Lao

Linda Larson

Christopher and Alida Latham

Christopher Lee and Jonell Chinn

Tiffany Lee

Peter and Susan Lee

Kevin Lee and Christian Litle

Mark Lee and N. Jan Chalupny

Barbara Lees

Cristine LeGassey

Shari and Rory Leid

Harriette Leitman

Margaret Lemberg and Denise Ottoson

Francesca Leonetti

Carol Leppa and Connie Miller

Jeffrey W. and Robin J. Leppo

Ross and Mary Jo Leventhal

Paul and Ruth Lewing

Bill Lewis

Carla and Don Lewis

Cammi and Jeff Libby

Rob and Marti Liddell

Greg and Stacy Lill

Rob Lilleness and Christina Jones

James and Jan Linardos

Benjamin and Jennifer Linder

Lex Lindsey and Lynn Manley

Alan and Kimberley Lippman

Ruth and Terry Lipscomb

Edmund and Laura Littlefield

Harrison and Melissa Liu

Mark Lo and Shannon Quek

Stephen Lodwick

Christopher and Alison Lomaka

Darinee Louvau

Keith and Beth Loveless

Tommy and Krista Lowe

Carolyn Lowe

Susan and Jeffrey Lubetkin

Phyllis Lufkin

Alex and Steve Lytle

Macbeth Family

Donald MacDonald and Irene Vanden Brink

Paula MacKay and Robert Long

Jennifer and Chad Mackay

Carl and Jennifer Mackleit

Edward MacMillan

Kristie Macris and Ricardo Ariza

Jill S. Maguire

Dr. Brian Maran and Mr. Mike Maran

Marshall Family

Dr. Thomas Martin and Laura Martin

Bruce Mason

Scott and Ashley Mathews

Katie and Dave Matison

Dave Matthews and Ashley Harper

Cheryl and Robert Mauri

Glorilyn and Scott Maw

Keith Mayfield

John Maytum and Brandi Eskesen

Bryan and Deb Mazza

Ferrol and Damon McCartney

Mary Kay McCaw

Jon McClintock

James W. and Brooke McCurdy

Bonnie McEachern

Alma and Shawn McFarland

Chris McFarlane and Arianne Foulks

Suzanne and Thomas McGill

James and Janice McGraw

Lori McMahon

Dr. Ann P. McMahon and Mr. Tim McMahon

Leigh McMillan

Shannon McPhee

Cinda McSherry

Linda McVeigh and Mark Dubois

Clare Meeker and Daniel Grausz

Jay and Christy Meena

Paul and Dawn Meiklejohn

Jeff and Lisa Mendenhall

John and Gail Mensher

George Meyer and Maria Semple

Mrs. Lynn G. Meyer

Gina Meyers

Nicholas Michalski

Terry and Yukari Mihashi

Janelle Miller and Max Karst

Trish Miner

AK Mitchell

Jim and Jude Mitchell

Pamela and Donald Mitchell

Anne Mize

Claudia Moberg-Butler and William Butler

Hilary and Dan Mohr

Loyal and Marjorie Moore

Daniel and Meredith Morris

Charles and Alex Morse

Mary Kay Morse

Sandra J. Moss

Eric Mowery and Jim Boneau

John Mueller

Jennifer and Matthew Muilenburg

Douglas Murdock and Elizabeth Rappaport-Murdock

Mary Murfey

Tanice and Paul Myers

Shelly Nagata

Theresa Naujack and Leland Hartwell

Dave and Sheree Neal

Jane Nelson

Carol Nelson

James and Patsy Nelson

Adam and Nicole Nelson

Maryann Nelson and Richard Wagoner

Robert and Maryann Ness

Nick Newcombe

Robert Nielsen

Richard Nokes and Barbara Sjostrom-Nokes

Villette Nolon and Ashley Taleck

Douglas and Nancy Norberg

Joe Norman and Amity Ludders

Gretchen Nott Gould

Judy Nyman-Schaaf

Kathy and Brad Nysether

Mark and Vickie Nysether

Ashley O'Connor McCready and Mike McCready

Victor and Mary Odermat

Pam Okano and Dick Birnbaum

Mary Ellen Olander

Lara Olsha - The Sweet Spot

Lily Pointe Family Foundation

Mary and Pauline O'Neill

Gordon Orians

Neil Orint

Andrea Orleans and Jeff Smith

Bob and Lynn Ormsby

Shannon Orr and Melanie McAllester

Kim Ortiz

David Owsiany and Everett Seven

John and Kristi Pangrazio

Caleb and Jaimee Papineau

John Parchem and Barbara Lycett

Robert Parker and Joy Rogers

Lisa Parkinson

John F. and Betty A. Parks

Valerie and Jerry Parrish

Greg Parrott

Robin and Lee Pasquarella

Janet and William Pauli

Tom and Todd Paulsen

Angela, Owen and Tarran Pearson

Nancy and Mark Pellegrino

Brenda and Michael Pellitteri

Georgia Perez

David E. Wilson and Joann G. Perrett

Debra and Mark Perry

Dr. Mary Lee Peters

Laura Peterson

Roger and Cynthia Petrie

Billy and Carolyn Pettit

Bill and Katherine Pettit

Nancy Philips and W. Blair Brooks

Sarah Phillips

Kathleen and Jim Phillips

James and Gaye Pigott

Virginia and Michael Pigott

Kirsten Pisto

Kelly and Cheryl Pleas

Robert Plotnick and Gay Jensen

Michael and Wendy Popke

Margaret Porro

Mike Potts

Celeste and Steven Powell

Arnie and Debra Prentice

John and Krista Prescott

Donald and Darcy Price

Mary Price

Stacy Prineas

Melissa and Christopher Prock

Carol Proesel

Steven and Gloria Pumphrey

Margaret and Michael Quinn

Sara Raab McInerny and Tryg McInerny

Laurie and Prem Radheshwar

Brooks and Suzanne Ragen

Cam and Tori Ragen

James and Sherry Raisbeck

Dave and Erin Raney

Rick and Monica Rasmussen

Alex and Carrie Ratner

Michael and Susan Redmond

Chris and Alexis Reed

Sarah Reid

Brian and Songhee Reistad

Eric Renstrom

Pamela Reynolds

Jean Rhodes

Carrie Rhodes

Nicholas Rhodes

Kris and Joshua Curtis

Dave and Kelly Rickenbach

Mark and Judy Rickenbach

Christine and Allen Rickert

Sharon Ricketts

Todd and Katie Ringwood

Rebecca and Richard Ripley

Nancy Ritzenthaler and Albert Odmark

Brady Robb

Richard and Bonnie Robbins

Patricia Roberts and Richard Nguyen

Jonathan and Elizabeth Roberts

Betsy and Ken Robertson

George and Mary Robertson

David and Valerie Robinson

Scott G. Robinson

Terry Robinson

Maryeli Rodriguez

Marcia and Ross Rogers

Scot Rogers and Cody Jacobsen

James and Trish Rogers

Judy and Floyd Rogers

Rohrbach Family

Matt and Amanda Rosauer

Peter and Julie Rose

Todd and Donna Rosenberg

Laurie Rosenberg

Kelley Ross and Hans Brinker

Dr. Ted Rothstein and Judge Barbara Rothstein

Dan and Heather Roulo

Evelyne Rozner and Matthew Griffin

Dorothy Russell

Daryl and Mark Russinovich

Craig and Joan Ruthford

Andrew and Emily Ryan

Julia and Adam Ryan

Richard Saada

John and Lauren Salata

Danielle and Hani Saliba

Al Salm

Barbara Sando

Heather and Michael Sandoval

Michael Santiago and Hengqi Zheng

Rich and Alice Sasaki

Daniel Satterberg and Linda Norman

Patti Savoy

C + L Scandiuzzi

Peter Schaefer

Adam and Catherine Schaeffer

Laurie and John Schmertz

Morton and Kiku Schmorleitz

Kevin M. Schofield

Howard Schultz and Sheri Kersch-Schultz

Greg and Lisa Schwartz

Jonathan Schwarz and Shannon Murtagh

Audrey and Robert Seale

Anne and John Searing

Jarrod Seaton

Richard and Linda Sedgley

James and Marsha Seeley

Jeff and Laura Sell

Rebecca Sell and Jillian Hamel

Sewer Friendly

CB and Amy Shamah

Casey and Maria Shearer

Chris and Diane Sheehan

Quentin Bracken

Rob Short and Emer Dooley

Diane and Bob Shrewsbury

Eric and Janelle Shuey

Sally G. Shuler

Shanda and Anthony Shumpert

Gena Shurtleff

Elizabeth Sicktich and Douglas Barker

Kristina and Christian Sidor

Ron and Nancy Siegle

George and Darcel Siepak

Bernard and Susan Silbernagel

J. Ronald and Barbara Sim

Jim and Jan Sinegal

Priya Sinha

Bryan and Kathy Slinker

Tony and Lisa Small

Brian and Laurel Smith

Gary Smith and Kathleen Kemper

Valerie Smith

Gina Speer and David Hill

Dale and Carol Sperling

Robert and Eva Spitzer

Kevin Spratt and Kurt Sarchet

Robert and Gail Stagman

Derek and Stephanie Standifer

Iola Stetson

Laurie Stewart

Karl and Tara Stillner

The Stonecipher Family

Patrick Strafer and Amy Szyszko

Dean and Audrey Stupke

Val Styrlund

Colin Suess and Sara Thueringer

Joe Sullivan

Bryan and Amy Sullivan

Alex Sutton and Karen Easterbrook

Glenn* and Theresa Swan

Kristine and Matthew Sweeney

Kim and Del Swingle

Lawrence Symonds

Bryan Syrdal

Margaret and Kelly Taber

Maryanne Tagney and David T. Jones

Audrianne Takagi

Mark Takagi and Connie Ricca

Miki Takihana and Peter Larsen

Cheryl Taylor

Joshua and Madelaine Taylor

Margaret Taylor and Robert Elliott

Michelle Terry and Ken Burton

Darlene Thomas

Beryl A. Thompson

Peter and Teresa Thompson

Tim Thompson

Susan Thurston

Lisa Tiedt

Judith Tobin and Michael Baker

Marie Toft

Bob and Shelley Tomberg

Frederick and Janice Tompkins

Myrna and Donald Torrie

Patrick Tousignant

Pam and Michael Towers

Dave and Chris Towne

Diane Trafton

Kevin and Kara Trella

John and Anne Trench

John and Kathie Truax

Turnstone Construction

Julie and Douglas Uyeda

Alberto and Claudina Valcarlos

Sarah and John Van Arsdale Cook

Carol Vangelos

Linda Vangelos and Stephen Kaufer

Jeanette Victory

Victoria VonGunten

Deborah Vosler

James Walker

Jill and Scott Walker

Maggie and Doug Walker

Marisa Walker

Patricia Wallace

Elizabeth Wallwork

Susan and Mike Warga

John and Marilyn Warner

Gail Warren

Ruth and Todd Warren

KrisAnne Warren

Steven and Stephanie Wasson

Kathie Watson

Trish Watson

Tamara Watts and Paul Mobley

Julie Webster

Steven and Cassandra Webster

Thomas Weeks and Deborah Oyer

Charles and Sarah Weems

Carolyn Wei and Joe Tullio

Howard* and Victoria Wellman

Eleda and Jason West

Blake Westerdahl and Susan Pierce

Amy Westlake and Seth Tupper

Margie Wetherald and Len Barson

Tiffani and Tedd Wetherbee

Rochelle and Scott Whelan

Diana and Stephen White

F. Tomlinson and Lyn White

Coralyn W. Whitney

Linda Whitworth

Lloyd and Judith Wiebe

Peter Wieland

Wildlife Forever Fund

Tess Wilkins and Bruce Nisbet

Williams Scotsman

Kathryn Williams

Stuart and Lucy Williams

Peter Wilson

Nicole and Steven Winard

Deanne Witt

Cyndi Wolfe

Andrew Wolff and Noelle Cooper

Ben and Julie Wolff

Rebecca Wolf-Nail and Monty Nail

Richard and Barbara Wortley

David and Sally Wright

David Wu and Dick Hansen

Lynn Wuscher and Tim Johnson

Ann P. Wyckoff

Susan Sheppard Wyckoff

Mrs. Glen B. Youell

Karma Zaike

Craig and Ina Zajac


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