Camp Staff

Britt - DDC Lead Coordinator

Hi! My name is Britt and I'm so excited to be back for my eighth summer as a Little Cheese! I'm a native Seattle girl and spent lots of time exploring the zoo when I was camper-sized. As a grown-up, I graduated from UW and now I'm on faculty at Seattle children's Theatre! Most of the year, I tour the country performing in lots of different shows. When you see me, ask me why I think the slow loris is the coolest animal on the planet!

Camp Staff

Jenny - Registrar

I'm a midwestern gal that moved out to the Pacific Northwest 7 years ago and I haven't looked back.  My love of the outdoors, big trees and marine life brought me out this way landing on Orcas Island where I taught environmental education for 4 years.  In the picture to your left, I'm pointing to a nudibranch, a fascinating animal found here on our beaches.  Spending my 3rd summer at the zoo, my enthusiasm for all living things continues to grow and I can't wait for a wonderful summer of camp! 

Camp Staff

Jessie - Camp Supervisor

Greetings, campers and families! My name is Jessie, or the “Alpha Dog” here at camp and I cannot wait to jump into summer camp with you! When I’m not playing and learning at the zoo, you’ll find me geocaching, doing yoga, beachcombing or quilting. My favorite animal changes every day – I can’t choose just one! – But turkey vultures have a special place in my heart. See you soon, friends!

Camp Staff

Julia - Lead Instructor

Greetings, I am Julia and I am thrilled to be returning to WPZ for my second summer! Last year, I worked as a Kinder Camp instructor, and this year I will assume the role of lead Instructor. I recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Museology from UW, and am looking forward to spending a summer of fun and playing. I LOVE the zoo and exploring it with friends! My favorite animals at the zoo are the Asian small-clawed otters because they are so playful and adorable.

Camp Staff

Kathie - Kinder Camp Lead/Registrar

Hi there campers! My name is Kathie and I have been working with zoo camp for 9 years! I fell in love with animals while at Humboldt State University getting a degree in Anthropology. Every day my favorite animal changes and I love to learn new cool facts about the world around us because nature sure is neat! Everyday should be an adventure and I look forward to sharing a new adventure with all of you!

Camp Staff

Margaret - Manager of Education

My name is Margaret and I am “The Big Cheese!” That means I am in charge of all of the camps at the zoo. I am so excited to welcome you to Camp at the zoo! I have been a supervisor at Woodland Park Zoo for 17 years and this is my tenth summer in charge of summer day camps. I love working with camps and creating fun, engaging opportunities for kids.  I cannot wait to see all my returning friends this summer and to meet many new friends at camp!

Camp Staff

Sarah - Zoo U Lead

Hi campers! My name is Sarah and I am delighted to spend my 7th summer of zoo camp with you. I have always loved the zoo. I started as a teen volunteer, and then worked as a camp instructor for 4 years, and now I work at the zoo year-round as a coordinator! I also love camping, playing board games, biking, and anything purple. Looking forward to meeting you this summer!

Camp Staff

Tammy - Adminitrative Assistant

This nana loves nature! Tammy has worked at our zoo over 14 years! When she’s not at the zoo, she’s working with plants or learning more about them. She’s the lead coordinator for the Pt. Defiance Park Herb Garden, where she plants, maintains and promotes the uses of over 50 species of plants that can benefit and enrich our lives! She also loves hiking, camping and fishing with her husband, grown children and three grandkids!

Camp Staff

Wes - Registrar

Hello! My name is Wes and I am very excited to be working with the zoo’s camps this summer.  I recently moved to Seattle from Maine, where I was running afterschool and summer programs in a small island community. I am really enjoying my time in Washington thus far and fill my days with biking adventures, cooking, and trips into the mountains. My spirit animal is a harbor seal.


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