Every zoo visit is a conservation action

Last year, your zoo visits generated $238,161 for wildlife through Quarters for Conservation.

What can we accomplish together this year?







Every day, issues are being considered at the federal, state and local level that affect the zoo, our conservation and education programs, and our ongoing effort to save wildlife and their habitats. We need your help to advocate for and support the zoo. 


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Current Action Alerts


Take Part in Washington’s Largest Community Solar Power Project

Woodland Park Zoo, the Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) and Seattle City Light are partnering on Community Solar on Phinney Ridge, a new community solar project going live summer 2014. The zoo and PNA will host the solar panels, and City Light customers will be able to purchase energy in units created by the solar-modules. Go green with us and save some green on your home expenses!

Join Community Solar on Phinney Ridge


Endorse Proposition 1 for critical zoo funding

On August 5th, Seattleites will have the opportunity to vote YES on Proposition 1 to fund major maintenance projects at the zoo and Seattle’s parks. Your support has been instrumental in getting this far – will you please take one more step and endorse the measure today?

Questions? Take a moment and learn how a park district works. Want to do more? Consider throwing a block party, talking to your friends and neighbors about the vote or volunteering to make calls or work an event. Tell your neighborhood that you support Proposition 1 by putting a yard sign in your yard – click here to have a sign delivered to you.

Woodland Park Zoo has been without a source of major-maintenance funding since 2008, leaving incomplete many large projects needed to keep the zoo in tip-top shape. With a Seattle Park District, critical projects like upgrades to the giraffe exhibit can become a reality!

Check back here often for updates and ways to get involved!


Join the Herd. Save Elephants.

Did you know 96 elephants are killed every day in Africa? The U.S. is the second biggest market for ivory in the world. This is our problem and we are the solution. 

Woodland Park Zoo joins Wildlife Conservation Society and more than 100 zoos and aquariums in the 96 Elephants campaign to stop the killing, stop the demand, and stop the trade. Will you join the herd?

Take the pledge



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