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Woodland Park Zoo has provided a haven for more than five generations of families to discover the wonders of nature. With each visit, a new story of the beauty and impact that our animals, exhibits and conservation unfolds to a child, parent, teacher or student.

Inspiring Youths about their Future

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has been a vital source of support for Woodland Park Zoo, and instrumental in the success of our innovative education programs on grounds and in the community. With a generous grant, the foundation is helping the zoo to expand its outreach to more middle school youth from diverse communities.

Early adolescence is a rich stage of identity development when youth begin to define the causes they care about.

By partnering with more community and youth organizations, as well as after-school programs, we will provide meaningful after-school environmental stewardship experiences that teach young people how they can make a difference for animals and people while sharpening their science learning and leadership skills.

One of the foundation's goals is to inspire kids about their future. Through its support of the zoo, the foundation is doing just that, and we are very grateful!

"An enormous amount of learning occurs in environments outside the traditional classroom. In hands-on settings, like Woodland Park Zoo, community-based approaches can foster life-changing experiences that inspire young people to care about the future and their role in it."

- Anson Fatland, Senior Program Officer, Paul G. Allen Foundation

Learn how you can benefit from the zoo's classes and outreach programs for schools.

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