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Get up close to tigers at the training wall experience.

Malayan Tiger

Phase Two—Opening May 2015!

Get closer to tigers than ever before at Woodland Park Zoo. See the natural instincts of these animals kick in when they interact with enrichment opportunities that allow them to stalk “prey” as they chase a lure line that runs through the exhibit, jostle trees to retrieve snacks, and track live fish in a shallow pool.

Let the state-of-the-art acoustic engineering transport you with the symphonic sounds of the forest. As you stand under the roots of a Banyan tree that bridges the divide between visitor and animal spaces, get close enough to hear even the minutest sounds of the tiger—breathing, coughing, purring, licking and deep rumbling.

At the training wall, visitors will have the unforgettable opportunity to observe zookeepers working one-on-one with our Malayan tigers and sloth bears. These training presentations will get visitors closer to live predators than at any other exhibit at the zoo, and provide insight into how the zoo safely cares for such large and dangerous animals.


Photo Credit: Jackson
Thompson/Dickerson Park Zoo

Photo Credit: Keith Lovett/Palm Beach Zoo

Photo Credit: Fresno Chaffee Zoo

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