For 117 years, Woodland Park Zoo has sparked delight, discovery and unforgettable memories while teaching people to understand and protect wildlife. Where else can millions of people go eye-to-eye with magnificent creatures, learn about the critical landscapes that sustain them – and our – existence, and engage with communities around the globe working to protect them? People who experience the wonders of the natural world are inspired to protect it.



JUNGLE PARTY is a key annual fundraiser for Woodland Park Zoo. All funds raised at this event go to support our annual operations, which include:

  • Maintaining our level of excellence in animal care and cutting-edge animal health
  • Naturalistic exhibit design which enhance experiences for both animals AND guests
  • All-ages education programs that engage members of our community in conservation and science-learning
  • And partnerships with field conservation programs around the world, aimed at saving endangered species and their habitats



Sponsorship of this fabulous event also provides visibility to an influential cross-section of leaders and reflects positively on the leadership of businesses within the larger community. Organizations that sponsor Jungle Party receive a multitude of attractive benefits, including:

  • Widespread logo recognition
  • Jungle Party tickets
  • Corporate membership cards
  • Complimentary ZooTunes tickets
  • Invites to exclusive sponsor events, including donor appreciate night at Wildlights


Jungle Party 2016 - Corporate Sponsorship Information

How do I become a Jungle Party Sponsor?

For questions about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Nicole Bennion