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n. one that gives assistance; ally, teammate, colleague, patron,
supporter, benefactor; angel


ZooFriends monthly giving club

The new ZooFriends monthly giving program is a safe, secure and convenient way to put more of your money to work saving animals and their habitats.

  • Sign up for monthly automatic transfers from your bank account or credit card.

  • Transactions are safe and secure and you’ll see exactly how much you’ve contributed on your monthly bank or credit card statement.

  • You can cancel or change your pledge at any time.

Your monthly support will provide the stable funding needed to create lifelong memories that inspire people to conserve the natural world.

  • For just 33¢ a day, $10 a month, you help offset the costs of veterinary care for almost 3,000 animals!

  • For just 66¢ a day, $20 a month, you help pay for the care and feeding of endangered animals like Matschie's tree kangaroos and snow leopards.

  • For $1.00 a day—less than the price of a daily cup of coffee—you help pay for conservation programs like the Northwest Amphibian Recovery Project and the Hutan Asian Elephant Conservation project.

Even if you give just 25¢ a day, you’ll save yourself time and know that your contribution is buying change in the world, not staples and paper clips. You’ll be putting more of your money to work saving animals and their habitats.

ZooFriends is convenient, hassle-free giving that makes a difference. Now that’s an investment worth making.

To join ZooFriends, email us at donations or call 206.548.2491.

Thanks for being a friend!