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Camp T‑shirts

(summer only)

Zooper Day Camp, Kinder Camp and Discoveries Day Camp Campers are required to wear their camp t-shirts every day during summer camp programs. This allows us to recognize campers easily when we are out on grounds with the throngs of summer visitors. Each child receives one camp t-shirt with each weeks' registration.  If you are registered for more than one week you should receive all your t-shirts on the first day of the first week.

T‑shirts will be given out on the first day of camp so campers can arrive in their own shirts the first day and change on arrival.  Children attending multiple weeks will need to hold on to their t-shirts and wear them to camp subsequent weeks.

If a camper does not come to camp with his/her t-shirt any day during camp, you can either retrieve it from home or you will need to purchase a new one for $5.00. Due to health guidelines, we cannot loan children t-shirts.

Zoo U participants are NOT required to wear camp t-shirts and do not receive one.

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Other Clothes

Shorts and pants are recommended. Skirts and dresses are not advised. Campers will get dirty!
: Please label ALL of your child's belongings. We end up with lots of unclaimed items every summer.
- Since camp runs daily, rain or shine, please make sure your child comes prepared each day for inclement weather.
‑ please make sure your child wears closed‑toe shoes. No flip flops as they make it hard for running and lots of walking!  Waterproof boots and a change of socks are a good idea in case of bad weather!

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Food and Water

Half-day  campers should bring one snack.  

Full-day  campers should bring two snacks and lunch every day. Lunches will not be refrigerated or heated.  The zoo does not provide any snacks.

All Campers When packing snacks and lunches for campers, we would also appreciate your sending snacks that will fill them up and give them energy to get through the day. Sugar snacks drain their energy quickly. 

Avoid nuts where possible: Although we do not currently ban nuts from camp, we would appreciate your making every effort to send nut free items in an effort to keep all our campers safe.

Water: A reusable water bottle is strongly recommended...there are water fountains throughout the zoo but quick easy access to water is a good idea for all campers. Please label your water bottles.

We ask that campers do not bring money for food/vending machines or use in the gift shop. All concessions and snack machines will be off limits during camp. Campers and parents are welcome to shop at the ZooStore before or after camp, based on store hours.

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If your child requires medication that must be administered at camp, please call 206.548.2424 (press 3) to arrange the details. Please be aware that State law prevents our personnel from administering medication unless we have a signed note from a physician or the medication has a physician’s label indicating dosage, frequency etc.

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Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Please be prompt in dropping off and picking up your child.

Click here for the Pick-Up and Drop-Off Times for all camps.

Drop-Off: Drop-off will be at one of these locations:  (Kinder Camps: Please check your confirmation.  It will indicate if your program is North End or South End.)

  • North End - Zoo U/Kinder Camps:  The North Parking Lot (at the south end of the large North Parking Lot) can be acessed from Phinney Avenue North & North 59th Street.
  • South End - Zooper/Kinder Camps:  The Education Center Entrance at North 50th Street & Fremont Avenue North (located between the Rose Garden and the zoo's South Entrance).
  • South End - Discoveries Day Camp (DDC): The Zoo's South Entrance at North 50th Street & Fremont Avenue North

Camp staff wearing camp T-shirts or staff uniforms will be at the drop-off area every morning. After the counselor records your child's presence, you are free to leave. Please do not leave your child alone at the drop-off area.

Pick‑Up: Pick-up will start at the Education Center Entrance or the North Parking Lot (depending on the camp your child is signed up for).  Please wait outside even if you arrive early.

Please do not take your child without first checking out with camp staff. We know our system for pick-up can take awhile. Please be patient. Everything we do is for the safety of all our campers. When you arrive please give the instructor your child's last name, first name and his\her Kid Code.  If this information matches our records, the instructor will release the camper to you. If it does not, either you will need to obtain the correct kid code, or we will need to reach someone from the camper's emergency contact list.

If you arrive later than the designated pick-up times listed, your child will be with camp staff in the Education Center. During regular camp hours (until 4:00p.m.), you can enter the zoo through the South Entrance. After 4:00 p.m. please go to the Education Center Entrance located between the Rose Garden and the zoo's South Entrance. At the Education Center door, please ring the bell and a staff member will be there shortly.  If you know in advance that you will be late to pick up your child, please call the Camp Emergency Line at 206.548.2555 to let us know.

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Kid Code

This is the password you (or your designee) will use to confirm that you (or they) are allowed to take your child home.  Every parent must give us a Kid Code prior to camp on the medical form. The Kid Code should be treated like a private password. We have found it's best to not tell your child the code.  If, however, your child does know his/her Kid Code, please explain how important it is to keep it a secret during camp and not say it out loud.  Kid Codes make the pick-up process faster, simpler, and safe.

  • Kid Codes are a one or two word code
  • Kid Codes cannot be the child’s name (or nickname) or a parent name (name of a pet, etc. is okay)
  • Kid Codes are preferably an English word

If a person arrives to pick-up your child and does not know the Kid Code we will need to contact you or a person listed on your emergency contact list to obtain permission to release your child.  If the person coming to pick-up your child is listed as an emergency contact on the medical form, a valid driver's license can be used to confirm identity if the Kid Code has been forgotten.

For more information about Kid Codes, please see our policies and safety information.

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Zoo U Self Check Out

Zoo U participants can check themselves out of camp to walk, bike or bus home as long as zoo staff are given a note by a parent/adult caregiver at drop-off.  Notes sent in with campers cannot be accepted.


Late for Pick-up

Please make sure you are on time to pick-up your child.  Your child will be missing you and wondering where you are. If you realize you will be late to pick-up your child, please call us immediately at 206.548.2555. 

Late for Regular Camp Hours: If you are picking up for regular camp hours and you are 5 minutes late or more your child will be moved into extended day and you  will be charged extended day fees (see Extended Day Program below).  At this time, regardless of the camp program your child is attending, he/she will be taken to the Education Center at the South entrance for extended day. 

Late for Extended Day: If you are late for picking up during Extended Day you will be charged late fees (see below). We will use the camp classroom clock to determine late fee charges.

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Camp late fees (for all camp programs):

Full-day camp ends at 4:00.  If you are 5 minutes late or more for pick-up your child will join the extended day program and you will be charged for extended day (see Extended Day Program information below).



Mornings: Please park in the parking lots, not along the curb lanes.

Afternoons: Parking in the afternoons can be a challenge on busy zoo days. We will have a camp staff members in the South Parking Lot directing traffic.  Please assist us by following staff directions. When parking to pick up your camper, please turn on your hazard lights and remain in your car until you see camp staff come out and open the doors/gate. Leaving your hazard lights on signals the parking attendants that you are picking up and camp and should not be ticketed.  If you are staying to visit the zoo, please pay for parking at the pay stations.

The load/unload only spaces along the curbs are only to be used if the lots are full. Please note: Parking along the curb, when allowed, is five minutes only.

          Load/Unload (only if lot is full): In the South Parking lot along the curb by the Rose Garden.
          Load/Unload: In the North Parking lot along the curb by the old North Entrance.

You may leave your car at the curb only for the time it takes for you to drop-off or pick-up your child (please do not go visit the zoo or the Rose Garden). Cars left parked for more than 5 minutes will be ticketed or towed.

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Extended Day Program

Need to be at work early?  Can't get to the zoo by 4:00 for camp pick-up?  Not to worry, we offer and extended day program to help camp hours better fit your life.   Extended day is offered for all camps, although not recommended for full-day Kinder Camp.


Mornings available Tuesday-Friday, drop off is from 8-8:30 a.m.  
Fee per child: $28 Tuesday-Friday or $8/day


Afternoons available Monday-Friday, 4-5:30 p.m.
Fee per child$50/week or $12/day

Why is morning extended day not offered on Mondays?:  Because Monday is the first day of a new camp session it can be challenging for children to arrive on the first morning when the other campers are not here and everything is new.  Camp staff also need to get ready for the arrival of the new groups.

For more information or to register, please click here:  Extended Day

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Extended Day Registration

You will have the option to sign up for Extended Day when you go online to register for your summer camp programs.

If you have already registered for summer camps and would like to add Extended Day options for Kinder Camp, summer Zooper Day Camp or Zoo U, return to the program registration page via this link.  Once you are at the online registration site, click through the pages until you find the Extended Day sign-up information. Alternately, simply e-mail and let us know what you need.

Discoveries Day Camp

If your child is registered for Discoveries Day Camp (DDC), please contact the Seattle Children's Theatre to register for Extended Day. Call 206.443.0807 Ext. 1186 or go to  www.sct.org/classes

Extended day late fees:

We love caring for your kids, but our staff also have families to get home to and places to be.  Please respect their time.  If you are late to pick up campers from Extended day, you will be charged the following late fees: 

Extended day ends at 5:30.  If you arrive after 5:30 you will be charged a fee of $1.00 per minute for every minute you are late up until 5:45.  If you arrive after 5:45 late fees increase to $3.00 per minute.  Late fees are to be paid by cash, check or credit card at the time of pick-up.  The camp clock will be used to determine late fees.

Please call the camp emergency phone number if you are running late: 206.548.2555

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