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Coins for Conservation

Cast your vote in the classroom with Coins for Conservation!

Interested in engaging your classroom in conservation? The Coins for Conservation program provides students with an opportunity to learn about six local and global conservation programs supported by Woodland Park Zoo. After building a classroom conservation kiosk students can then raise support for the program of their choice by bringing coins into the classroom and placing them in the conservation kiosk.

Once the kiosk is filled it can be brought to the zoo and donated. The Coins for Conservation program provides an engaging and empowering experience for the entire classroom, and encourages students to both learn care and act.

Step 1: Learn About Conservation at Woodland Park Zoo

Learn about the six different projects currently supported by Quarters for Conservation at Woodland Park Zoo on the Quarters for Conservation page.

The following introductory PowerPoint and activities can be used in the classroom to encourage students to learn more about the role of Woodland Park Zoo in conservation.

Quarters for Conservation Introduction (PPT)
Quarters for Conservation Activities (PDF)

If you are interested in additional resources check out the Endangered Species teacher packet or the animal fact sheets found here.

Step 2: Build Your Kiosk

Allow students to get creative in the design of the classroom conservation kiosk for collecting coins. The use of recycled materials is encouraged and students can decorate the kiosk in any number of ways. All that is required is that each of the six supported conservation programs has its own container with a slot large enough to drop coins of any size in.

Need a little inspiration? Here are step-by-step instructions for creating a conservation kiosk out of recycled plastic bottles.

Step 3: Raise support!

Encourage students to tell the conservation story of the program (or programs) they have chosen to support to family members, friends, and other community members. This encourages students to have a voice in their community and to take action.

Step 4: Bring your donation to Woodland Park Zoo

Donations can be brought to Woodland Park Zoo during a classroom field trip. If the class is unable to visit the zoo together the instructor or a chosen individual can bring the donation on a personal visit.

To arrange a donation drop-off please contact Bobbi Miller via email at at least two weeks in advance.

Step 5: Share your story

Share your story by filling out our Coins for Conservation completion survey. Upon receiving your donation and reviewing your survey we will post your classroom’s name on our list of donor classrooms for up to one year. We will also occasionally share inspiring classroom stories on the Woodland Park Zoo blog.