A wild tree kangaroo is fitted with a National Geographic Crittercam © collar in 2009.

TKCP studies tree kangaroo home ranges using radiotelemetry.

Protecting Habitats Through Knowledge

TKCP works to advance scientific knowledge of Papua New Guinea's wildlife and rain forest habitat, so that the YUS Conservation Area can be managed in an ecologically sound and sustainable manner. TKCP research generates interest from the international scientific community in the wildlife of the Huon Peninsula, thus stimulating additional research projects and ultimately increasing support for the protection of habitats.

What's New - Crittercam ©

Most recently, TKCP conducted pilot field research with National Geographic (NGS) in the fall of 2009. TKCP and NGS researchers collared two wild Matschie's tree kangaroos with mounted cameras, called National Geographic Crittercams ©. These Crittercams allowed for the collection of new information on the behavior of tree kangaroos in the canopy, free from the interference of human observation.

Now that the tool has been shown to work in the field, Lisa Dabek will work with scientists from National Geographic and JCU to plan additional research using Crittercams.

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